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Take a Look of New Logical Data Warehouse Technology that it's changing the Business Intelligence Philosophy
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Why Querona?
With this Webinar you'll able to:

Previously, a Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure was something very complex where there were: data sources, normalization, ETL, OLAP Cubes and a physical Data Warehouse hosted on a physical server. Technology has grown a lot, and the scenarios are changing due to two particular factors: the Cloud and Virtualization. But that's not all... Trends in BI talk about other significant factors that will be important in the coming months.
  • Understanding How a Logical Data Warehouse works
  • Understanding How Querona can accelerate the development of your BI projects
  • Understanding How Querona can connect Qlik, Tableau, Power BI to hundreds of data sources in minutes and without ETLs
  • Why Querona is the most innovative Data Virtualization solution on the market.
  • Ask all questions to Querona's technical department
  • Book a one-to-one demo or a virtual machine for your tests.
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